Audiology and Speech Therapy

I offer a range of audiological and speech therapy services. I have a long-standing history of ear infections. Hence, I empathise with patients who have a hearing loss. My aim is to intervene with a professional, friendly, caring and ethical approach to provide a patient-centred, efficient service that is recommendable and memorable.

Our Services

Hearing Assessments

Diagnostic evaluations to determine one’s hearing status

Auditory Processing Assessment and Management

Assessments to evaluate the auditory system’s functioning

Wax Management

Removal of wax using mechanical/irrigation methods

Swim/Noise Plugs

Custom-made earplugs for use in excessive noise/during water activities

Hearing Aids

Evaluations, fittings, adjustments and servicing

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy to address speech-language disorders

What Our Clients Have Said

Hello Ashton, I’ve had a good run with the hearing aids and they certainly have made a difference to my general interaction with those I come into contact with.
I appreciated very much the empathic understanding you gave me especially as understanding new technology is difficult at my age. The follow up session with you
took care of the minor glitches I was experiencing and assured me that your knowledge and vast professional experience will always be there should I need it.


I am very happy with the care, love and thorough work done. I was helped in a way that made me feel blessed and cared for as a person.


I have been taking my Mom to the Practice for the past 7 years and during this time, we have dealt with various audiologists, but none of them have been as patient and understanding as Ashton Ray. My Mom is 84 years old and with her loss of hearing and poor health, it isn’t always easy to understand my Moms needs. Ashtons professional and patient approach has really made a world of difference for my Moms quality of life! Thank you Ashton 🙂

I would recommend Ashton to anyone battling with speech and auditory issues. She is knowledgeable, kind and does far more than what you would expect from an Audiologists. She me up with a cost effective and perfect solution. Thank you!

Always a proficient and professional practitioner. Highly recommended.

I would recommend Ashton to any concerned parent ,i can think of no- one better ! The service ,knowledge and positive attitude of Ashton is great .My son’s speech has greatly improved since starting Therapy .I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to my child. Not only have you given my son the gift of communication ,you have given our whole family the gift of support understanding and encouragement.this has meant more to us than you will ever know truly.

Very efficient, professional, kind and extremely good at what she does.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hearing aid not working?

The battery of the hearing aid may be flat. Try changing the battery.
The waxguard and/or the slimtube of your hearing aid may be blocked. Try changing the waxguard or cleaning the tube.

Why do my ears 'pop' when I fly?

During flying, as the pressure changes are quite significant, the eustachain tube (links the throat to the middle ear) has to work overtime to ensure the pressure in the ear canal and the middle ear is the same. The ‘popping’ that you hear is the combination of the eustachian tube and the eardrum moving as they adjust to the different pressures.

How do I know if my child has an ear infection?

Some common signs and symptoms of an ear infection include red, itchy/sore ears. Possible discharge from the ear canal, clumsiness/off-balance, fever, reduced hearing sensitivity, a sensation of a blocked ear/s

How do I care for my hearing aid?

To ensure your hearing aid has a decent lifespan, make sure you clean it regularly, store it properly and get it serviced annually.

How often should I have my hearing checked?

It is advised you have your hearing checked annually. This is important so as to note any changes in one’s hearing status and, where necessary, to ensure the best results from your aid, re-programme them to the latest results.

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